Plastic Balls

Inox Balls and Stainless Steel Balls

Precision Balls and miniature steel balls


The start of Martin & C., as companies did in the engineering industry, dating back to 1933 when brothers Martin planted a 'workshop for the production of technical articles and later of steel balls and steel beads for a variety applications.

Physically born in Pinerolo, was later moved to Turin for the sake of expansion in 1943, following the war, was moved to the town of Gates, birthplace of the founders, in the meantime managed to find a disused industrial building large enough for activities production and sales.

The MARTIN & C., now managed by brothers Pier Enrico and Gianni Martin, has increasingly gained experience in the field of production of high precision ball in each type of material in diameters ranging from a minimum to a maximum of 0.20 mm 152.40 mm (6'').

During the 90's & C. MARTIN has gradually moved its production at the new plant Perosa Argentina, a unit designed to deliver efficiency and versatility required by the market.

In the 30 years the company was subject to two different extensions dedicated to optimizing production and organization and, after various corporate transformations, the company became a limited company in 1980.

The commercial success of Martin & C. was especially the war, both with the production of microspheres of stainless steel for the ferrules of the feathers, with both the manufacture of high precision ball bearings and for microbearings.

The market at that time was booming and I determine what a real success in terms of production and trade.