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Tolerance for bearing balls according ISO 3290 : 2001 (ISO 3290 norms have been totally acknowlwdged by ABMA/ANSI (U.S.A.) and DIN.5401: 2002 (Germany) norms.
Terms and definitions ISO 3290/DIN 5401/ABMA
Balls tolerance DIN 5401:2002-08
Balls tolerance ANSI-ABMA Std. 1 0A-2001 (Metal balls for unground bearings and other uses)
Ball measure system (The following charts are designed to assist in the selection of the most appropriate Martin standard product for individual applications)
Diameters, weights, packing, crushing loads
Approximate comparison chart (DIN Edition 01/78) -DIN Edition 11/93)
Comparison chart between old Martin standards and ISO 3290:2001
Conversion table from 64" into mm. (1/64" = mm. 0396888)
Plastic balls
Grades and tolerances
Ceramic balls
Corrosion resistance charts
Hardness conversion table